Your Action is Needed Now! Help stop attacks on research breeding today.

1 Feb 2020 5:06 PM | Anonymous member

On behalf of NABR and the NCAB AALAS Government Relations Committee

Biomedical Research Community: Click Here to Take Action Now!

As previously reported by NABR, the Virginia State Senate will be voting on a bill banning the breeding of research dogs and cats this coming Tuesday. The Virginia Senate Agriculture Committee needs to hear from you now. Even non-Virginia residents can use these take-action buttons to communicate with the committee.

We can expect the targeting of breeding at the state and local level to continue throughout 2020. While so far, the target of such language has been limited to dogs and cats, “companion species”, once on the books, such language could be easily amended to include additional species or prohibit the research from being performed altogether.

Whether or not your facility uses dogs or cats bred in Virginia, or dogs and cats at all, everyone working with animals in research should be concerned by this trend. Efforts to ban the breeding of research animals should not be tolerated because it affects the entire research community. If this legislation passes, it will undoubtedly serve as a template for efforts in other states and could dramatically impact public health, as well as the health of our pets and other animals. NABR encourages members to stay in close contact with their government affairs team.

Biomedical Research Community: Click Here to Take Action Now!

A hearing on these bills is occurring Tuesday in the Virginia Senate Agriculture Committee. Please send the committee a respectful, but firm message today using the red take-action buttons. We hope you find

Biomedical Research Community: Click Here to Take Action Now!

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