The Council is the governing body of NCAB AALAS. The Council is composed of Elected Officers, Chairpersons of Standing Committees, DIstrict 3 AALAS Trustees, and two at-large members.

Elected Members, Trustees, and At-Large

Title Name
PresidentVaneesha Ali
President Elect Krystal Nacel
Immediate Past PresidentLiz Kramer
Secretary Michelle Metrinko
Treasurer Devora McCoy
District 3 Trustee Donna Tignor
Ad Hoc Member Daisy Khouri Saba
Ad Hoc Member Claudine Bobb

Standing Committees

Standing Committee Chair Co-Chair
Awards Dr. Deepti Chadalavada Dr. Ann Schiavetta
Education Dr. Laura Anderson Kaylin Nwobu
ProgramDr. Sridhar Samineni Dr. Tia Bobo
Individual Membership Bethany Rentz Cecily Holland
Institutional Membership Bryan Lee Angela Alfonso
Public Outreach Emily Love Dr. Shannon Stutler
Publicity Brooke Davis-Ritchie Megan Lok
Seminar Kyleen SniderGina Reed
Government Relations Dr. Amy Carlson Tom Leach, Esq.
Historian Dr. Beth BaurErika Wiltrout
M. Information Systems Jose ChinchillaJaybee Torres

References to any persons, organizations, activities, products, services, websites, etc., do not constitute or imply the endorsement, recommendation, or favor of NCAB/AALAS or Council members acting on its behalf.

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