NCAB offers awards annually to honor members of the laboratory animal community for their outstanding performance and achievements.

  • The NCAB Durbin Award recognizes an individual for their outstanding performance in providing animal husbandry care to enrich, enhance or improve the lives of laboratory animals.
  • The NCAB Black Award recognizes an individual for their outstanding accomplishments in the delivery of veterinary and technical services to enhance the health and well-being of laboratory animals.
  • The NCAB Pierson Award recognizes an individual for their outstanding accomplishments in administration, management, or the support of programs relating to the care, quality, or humane treatment of animals used in biomedical research.
  • The NCAB Gay Award recognizes an individual for their outstanding contributions to the field of laboratory animal training and education.
  • The NCAB Fatzie Award recognizes an individual who has shown dedication and service to the National Capital Area Branch by volunteer efforts, commitment of time and community impact.
  • The NCAB Held Award is intended for Clinical or Facility Laboratory Animal Veterinarians. The award specifically excludes director of animal programs.

Nominate a Colleague for an NCAB Award

  1. Review the Guidelines for Award Nominations.
  2. Download and complete the nomination form
  3. Email your the NCAB AALAS Awards Committee ( by Monday, August 15th.
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2019 NCAB Award Recipients

 Recipient  Award
Enock Charleus Charles D. Durbin Award
for Animal Caretakers
Timothy Reardon Curtis A. Black Award
for Veterinary or Animal Health Technicians
Cecily Greene

Richard L. Pierson Award 
for Supervisors and Managers

Eric Nimako Dr. William I. Gay Award
for Laboratory Animal Trainers 
Kim Volkert Betty Fatzie Award
for NCAB Council or Committee Members



Scholarships for AALAS Certification Exams

NCAB offers scholarships for AALAS laboratory animal certification tests, including the ALAT, LAT, LATG, and AR (the Animal Resource module of the CMAR certification). More information on scholarships is available as a PowerPoint.

Download and complete this form to apply for a scholarship. There is no deadline and applications are accepted until the available funds are used.

Please submit your application to the NCAB AALAS Awards Committee (

Submit a Scholarship Application

Awards from Other Organizations

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